Sand Roses (Part 1)

by Bubbly Mommy Gun

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recorded in 2012 at the secret squirrel, sand roses is music for the laser tag space bar open 24/7 right beneath your shoe. hummingbird pop for crystal pups. To be continued...


released October 9, 2012

Mastered by Joel Hatstat. Shout outs to sax man Jeff Tobias and key man Aaron Gentry. Shout outs to David Lineal/Bird Names for sweet licks on Fluid Dunces and Elephant Micah for savory sliding on Diamonds Spin


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Bubbly Mommy Gun Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Cuckoo Lungs
cuckoo lungs the birds think it's hilarious in stereo
puzzles of echoes, we're just two gone clarinets on a horse-drawn chandelier
all this vcr tape uncurls from our throats
they bite at our necks, we yawn until dawn
Track Name: Motorcycle Dawn
Open your eyes can't you see the scissors slide?
wake up from your nap tasting like red, red wine
pierce the sun rays - love laserly things

i can't stand the floor no more
where do all the ghosts go when the dust blows?
let's go up onto the roof
we can lay and get silver on the moon

on the back of a motorcycle dawn
you can hear nothing
all is sight, it's the opposite of a blindfold

follow four foot pads down the train line down the trap door
help me find my way to the balcony
the balcony is beckoning
borges is gorgeous on the balcony
the epiphanies wish to give him play on the balcony
Track Name: Coyote Fainting
i'm a coyote fainting
we are both in this painting
we'll get a slice of the nice
& see everything twice
oh these lick-tricks on this sugar cruise
you've got moves like booze
the sun gets wet
it gives us puddle power
i'm a blushing arrowhead
and you're a quiver
thrust our beaks into the deja-viewfinder
lay in the lake lay down in the lake ya
arthur rustles that curtain in the moonlight
the promiscuous moonlight
Track Name: Diamonds Spin
diamonds spin in the wind
in my mouth there's a couch
shoot the piano
this piano will taste like old times
i spy your gray hairs
that mean you've had some good good times
do you spy my odd eye?
Track Name: Whatever N Ever
are you really are what you're thinking?
what you think?
wanna have a cig?
one's already lit
dream watercolor dream
under your oil tree
swim in acrylake
i was playing slide sideways guitar in some aleatorical guitar bar
whatever's cool is cool cause you
whatever and forever
somebody told me you were me
i had to have a long talk with a tree and he agreed
Track Name: Fluid Dunces
when the lights turn on at two
who will grow old too soon?
who will get sick on their youth?
liquid dunces, fluent droolers
think like a strobe light blinks
pour out the mirror a drink
if your life's a golden gun
why keep it under your sheets?
why not give it a squeeze?